Select a Product Size

Select your required size. The size you select will determine the paper stocks which are available for your required size. Once you select your size, the specific paper stocks available for that size will auto populate into the Paper Stock drop down menu. If you’re required size falls somewhere in between the sizes shown, select the size that is slightly larger than your finished size. You can than request Custom Cutting in the options menu.

For example, your finished piece is 8" x 10". Choose the 8.5" x 11" size (which is slightly larger than your needed size) and select Custom Cutting to obtain your finished size. You will be prompted to enter the 8" x 10" size in the Custom Cutting options area. If you require a size that is not available in the product category you've selected (too big or it does not fall just under an available size that can be custom cut) you may possibly find your required size in another print product category.

Please call customer service for assistance and if they cannot achieve your size goal online, they will direct you to our custom services department for assistance.  

Option Description
4.75" x 14.125"
4.75" x 19"
4.75" x 4.75"
4.75" x 9.5"
7.187" x 10.75"
5.9" x 4.625"
5.125" x 5.125"