Bring your CD's & DVD's to life with a full-color CD/DVD covers, inserts, and folded booklets

Bring your CD's to life with a full-color CD cover and inserts. You can rest assured that you are getting high quality CD printing money can buy. CD jewel covers come in full color on one or both sides. In addition we can fold these covers give you two or three panes of album art and info. Folded cover are commonly called CD booklet. Ideal for your music, weddings, video discs, presentation, training class, workout videos, or promotional videos or music.

  1. 4.75" X 4.75" Single Panel CD or DVD Covers
  2. 4.75" X 9.5" Two Panel CD or DVD Covers
  3. 4.75" X 14.125" Three Panel DVD or CD Covers
  4. 4.75" X 19" Four Panel DVD or CD Cover
  1. 5.9375"X 4.625" CD/DVD Inlay
  2. 5.125" X 5.125" CD/DVD Sleeve
  3. 7.187" X 10.75" Full DVD Cover
  4. Printed on 100LB GLOSS BOOK

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5-7 Day Turnaround 10:00am Please note that some print products take longer to produce, in these cases we only offer 5-7 day turnaround.
2-4 Day Turnaround 1:00pm 2-4 Business Days is our most commonly ordered turnaround. Your prints will ship in a little as 2 days if your artwork is uploaded and approved BEFORE 10am. If files are uploaded later, it will lead to 3-4 day turnaround.
Next Day Turnaround 10:00am To ship out item next day artwork must be uploaded and approved by 10:00am

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